In addition to performing as myself, I’m known to build and perform with puppets!

IMG_0796IMG_0806IMG_0813IMG_0445IMG_0323TomIMG_0186FlowerEarl On GuitarDr Morbius, From Space 2408036_10100570978636122_589225353_nPhoto by: Kelsie Huff

312668_174135432680034_1225360123_nComedy Studio 4305854_174133376013573_1032079515_n290877_10150503447194853_1203827016_o164_505897615107_3748_n7258_10200718468617492_1089169082_n1017051_10101776395451134_563892638_n998387_10200718468097479_2022799782_n

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